Fishing Tournaments

Why Fish Club Tournaments?

Someone recently asked me why I like to fish our club’s tournaments. It didn’t take me long to give him an answer. To me, it’s the camaraderie that is shared at the boat launch, on the water, and at the weigh in after the tournament is over. Helping guys launch their boats and seeing whatever else is needed to start the day off on the right foot. Then while on the water it’s sharing good info on what’s working and what hot bait seems to be putting fish in the boat. Everyone monitoring the same radio channel can listen in and find out where you are fishing and what you are doing to catch fish. My favorite part of the tournament is at the weigh in seeing all the nice fish being hefted to the scales and shaking the winners hands. Then sitting at a table enjoying your favorite beverage and rehashing what made the day a success or in some cases what didn’t seem to work. Prize money?? Not really, for the winners share hardly pays for the gas you used that day. Winning the tournament? Nope. I can finish in last place and still have a great time as long as I tried my best and gave it a good shot. Some days nothing seems to work no matter what you try. That’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Weather its fishing for walleyes or fishing for salmon and steelhead, it’s spending a day with other club members and creating friendships that are more important too me than coming in first place. Who knows, you may even learn a new trick or technique to make you a better fisherman or woman.

Tournament Rules

 Tournament Waiver-Adult

Tournament Waiver-Minor





Date                      Event/Port              Species                              Port Chairman

Apr 9                                    West Basin/Det River                 Walleye                                                     Tom O’Harris
Apr 30th/May 1st              Benton Harbor                             Salmon                                                     Dennis Kovacs
May 14                                 West Basin                                    Walleye                                                     Open/Metro West
May 21                                 Vision Impaired                           Anything that swims!                            Dave Backhaus
May 28                                Kelleys Island                               Walleye                                                     John Popp/Metro West
Jun 4/5th                            Lake Erie Challenge                    Walleye                                                    Open/Metro West
June 25                               Saginaw Bay                                  Walleye                                                     Steve Gardiner
July 9                                   West Basin                                    Walleye                                                     Pat Stevens
July 14                                 Old Geezers Outing                     Walleye                                                     Tom O’Harris
July 30/31st                       Ludington                                      Salmon                                                     Bob Semak
Aug 13/14th                       Frankfort                                       Salmon                                                     Open/Metro West
Aug 20/21st                       Leland                                            Salmon                                                     Mike Manick
Aug 27/28th                       Ludington or Erieau                    Salmon                                                      Open
Oct 8th                                Huron Ohio                                   Walleye                                                      Open/Metro West